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24 Jun 2019 - 16 Aug 2019

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Taekkyeon traditional Korean martial art at KCCI , Korean Cultural Centre India 25A Ring Road Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi., Korean Cultural Centre India, 25A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi., New Delhi
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14th June 2019 – last day to apply for joining Taekkyeon - traditional Korean martial art at KCCI


New Delhi:  Korean Cultural Centre India in collaboration with The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO ICM) is to organize Martial Arts Open School. Participants will be trained on Taekkyeon – a traditional Korean martial art which will start from 24th June to 16th August, 5 days a week from 5:30 pm to 07:30 pm at Korean Cultural Centre India, 25A-Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi.


Maximum 50 participants can join the course, interested people can apply till 14th June 2019 by visiting KCCI. There is no application fee.

Taekkyeon is a traditional Korean martial art that makes use of fluid, rhythmic dance-like movements to strike or trip up an opponent. Despite its gentle impression, Taekkyeon is an effective martial art highlighting a broad variety of offensive and defensive skills employing all available fighting methods.

It serves to facilitate community integration, and as a sport accessible to all plays a major role in promoting public health. It is easy to learn and execute this martial art regardless of age. It is also a good sport for women to learn with soft and delicate movements.

The martial art is on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

All students will receive t-shirts and souvenirs, as well as quality instruction of Taekkyeon Master from Korea. 

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