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05 Oct 2013 - 06 Oct 2013

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BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus Near NH 17 B Bypass road Zuarinagar South Goa, , Zuarinagar
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The name 'Futsal' simply combines the Spanish words for 'Hall' - Sala and
'Football' - Futbol into Futsal. Futsal is football in its purest form. It is an essential precursor to what Pele referred to as "the beautiful game" pace, skill, teamwork and high drama characterize this popular game.


It is time for Goans to put on their shoes as SPREE-2014 is thrilled to announce its Goa Edition of SPREE FUTSAL BEATDOWN. Registrations will open from 1st Sept.




1. Each team will be given a team id with which they will be referred to during the tournament

2. Each match in the group games and quarter finals will be for 20 minutes - without half time

3. Each match in the semi finals and finals will be for 30 minutes (with half time). In case of a tie, extra time of 10 minutes will be played. If the match doesn't get decided even during extra time, a penalty shoot-out(4 a side) will decide the winner and then followed by sudden death.

4. Pink (2 minutes out) and red cards will be used during the tournament.

5. Any team will be allowed to play a match with 7 players at the maximum and 5 players minimum, the substitutions are rolling.

6. No player will be allowed to play in more than one team.

7. Players will not be allowed to play bare foot or with studs, they must have shoes (not studs).

8. Each team will be awarded with 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

9. To decide the group standings, the team with maximum points stand first. If two teams have the same points, the goal difference decides who goes first. If there is a tie in the goal difference also, the team scoring more goals will go through. In case of tie at this point also, a penalty shoot out folowed by sudden death (as above) will decide the standings.

10. Any misconduct during a match, either on court or off court will lead to immediate 

disqualification of the team involved. All the decisions regarding the disqualifications will be taken by organising committee. 

11. In case a match gets stopped before completion due to any reason, it will be resumed from the point of stoppage later with the same score and possession.


Pink Cards:


1.A player who picks up a pink card will have to stay out for 2 minutes.
2.Hand push, harsh tackles, deliberate high clearences, handling ball inside D, abusing opponent player, disputes and fight with crowd.

Red Cards:


1.A player who picks up a red card will have to stay out for 10 minutes.
2.Continuous argument with refree or abusing referee.
3.Handling shots on target deliberately.
4.Assaulting opponent player.

Time Out:


1.Can be opted only when the team has possession.
2.League matches - 1 time out per team.
3.Knock Out matches - 1 time out per team per half.

Extra Time:


To be played only in knockout matches(semifinal and Final) if the scores are tied even after normal time.

Will extend to 5 minutes.


Penalty Shoot Out:


To be played only during the knockout matches if the scores are tied(AFTER NORMAL TIME IN CASE OF QF AND PQF) even after extra time 
Both the teams will be given 4 penalities each.

Sudden Death:


To be played only during the knockout matches if the scores are tied even after the penality shootout.


Hand Balls:


1.Will not be considered a foul if the hand stays down alongwith the body.
2.Will be considered a foul only if the hand is raised, and penality will be given for handballs inside the D.
3.If the handball is intended to stop a goal, red card will be awarded.
5.There will be no off sides.
6.A player can shoot @ the goal only from inside the half.if a shot taken from outside the half deflects of an opponent player and goes inside the post, it wont be considered a goal
7.In the above case, if the ball deflects of 2 opponent players and goes inside the post, it will be considered an own goal.
8.All free-kicks, goal kicks, and corners should be taken with the ball dead

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