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06 Oct 2016 - 06 Oct 2025

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Prashant Guruji, No.351, Near Pavithra Paradise, Basaveshwar Nagar, , Bengaluru
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Soul retrieval

                    Soul retrieval is a shamanic approach to healing. In the native tradition of shamanism illness was an indication that the soul had vacated the body. The shaman journeyed into the underworld to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person restoring wholeness and health. the technique can be modified and used the clinical setting.

                  Soul-Mind is the term used to define the mechanism which records the sum total of experiences through physical incarnations of the spirit being. It is the permanent intellect or consciousness that composes a person’s character or individuality.

                 In the process of treating people for the symptoms of spirit attachment, it is not unusual to find a fragment of the mind of a living person as an attached entity. This condition invites speculation about the other person whose mind fragmented and from who the fragment separated. As part of the exploration within a session, the therapist can be alert for signs of soul-mind fragmentation in the client. Fragmentation seems to be a common condition stemming from the many perceived traumatic situations in life, ranging from minor to severe, real or imagined.

                   Life in human form can be considered a physical experience for a spirit being. In this human experience, most people suffer trauma, physical and emotional. Physical traumas which lead to soul-mind fragmentation can be any bodily intrusion with a real or imagined threat to survival such as surgeries, organ donation and transplants, amputations of limbs, beating or damage to any part of the physical body. Any sexual abuse such as rape or incest usually causes fragmentation with intense emotional residue can develop in military combat situations with death caused by explosion, decapitation, and atrocities such as severing of the genitals.

                     The emotional trauma caused by these physical violations can initiate dissociation and splitting of the consciousness as a coping mechanism. Emotional trauma following loss of a loved one, or the sight of a loved one being seriously harmed, can lead to fragmentation. The experience of the trauma is literally stored in a fragment of the consciousness, the sub personality which becomes separated and isolated from the main consciousness.

                   Multiple personality disorder is the result of severe emotional, physical and sexual trauma. Inmost such cases extensive fragmentation is inevitable. Further study of MPD patients reveals that some of the fragments have indeed separated.

                 Some people can recall and describe incidents of childhood molestation during which they stood across the room watching the molester fondling their little body. One client reported leaving her body lying in bed while father was touching her. she just went outside and sat on the roof until he went away. Many molestation victims report floating near the ceiling during the periods of molestation. In many cases the fragment separates only briefly and rejoins the consciousness with in the confines of brain/mind, forming a sub or alters personality the same ate as the child at the time of the molestation.

                  The percentage of fragmentation can range from minor to total. There can be any number of separate fragments. Each fragment maintains a connection with the main consciousness by a thread, a fiber of the silver cord which attaches the soul to the body. Bodies can function as long as the silver cord maintains its connection, even if there is total evacuation of the fragments. Evacuation can result in coma. It also opens the way to total possession by an intrusive spirit.

                   The fragments continue to be connected to each other by the silver threads, even after the being leaves the physical body in death, when the silver cord is detached. The fragment of the soul-mind associated with a severed body part remains with the body part, yet maintains connection to the main consciousness by a thread.

                    A fragment can become partially dislodged and still remain connected to the body. A fragment can separate and follow the person like a balloon on a string. It can remain in some distant location or structure, it can also attach to another living person. A fragment can actually move into the Light.

                 A fragment of the mind of a living person can be attached to one or more other living persons. the condition of fragmentation is not healed by death of the fragmented person. the newly deceased spirit, the discarnate entity, is also fragmented. This fragmented entity can then attach to still another living person. Thus a discarnate entity can be attached to two or more living individuals.

                 Another aspect of this situation provides an interesting twist to the classic condition of spirit possession in which a living person is considered to be influenced by the spirit of a deceased person. If the living mind fragment remains connected to the spirit of the newly deceased person, then a deceased spirit is being possessed by the mind of a living person.



                 Diagnosis of fragmentation is fairly straightforward. Nearly everyone who has suffered trauma has some form and degree of the condition. On one symptom is diagnostic, though a combination of symptoms may be indicative.

               The language of the client will describe the condition of fragmentation. A person may describe the experience of feeling dissociated, ungrounded, disconnected, or feeling like they are not in the body. The eyes may appear vacant. The senses may seem muffled, a person may sleep a lot and feel apathetic toward life. They may feel like they are "not all there," "not at home," as if something is "missing." There is a feeling of emptiness, of having no heart, of having an empty tube or a big hole inside.

                 As a client in altered state of consciousness scans their body they may discover dark or shadowy spots, voids, holes, and empty places. These are the spaces left by the fragmentation. The client is directed to look for the threads that lead out from the spaces. When these threads are found some will appear darker, some lighter. Joyful or happy episodes can cause a fragmentation almost as readily as unhappy occurrences and the threads to these fragments may appear light, even silvery. In all cases of fragmentation and separation the silver thread connection remains, and it is this link that makes possible the recovery process.


Recovery of the Fragment


                   The trauma which led to the fragmentation is processed for the mental, emotional and physical residues as for any traumatic event. These residues are retained by the fragment, the subpersonality formed by the fragmentation.

                 The traumatic incident which originally caused fragmentation might be located in another lifetime. The fragment can literally be floating free or clinging to a location or structure on earth in the present time, even though the event occurred in another era. Past life therapy can assist in recovering and healing this fragment.

                A child can be born with the condition of fragmentation. For a young child the recovery of the fragments must be done remotely.

               Witchcraft and black magic, spells, hexes and curses can cause a fragmentation of the practitioner, witch or sorcerer. their fragment remains with the victim of the magic spell or curse, even though the practitioner is deceased. There is always dark energy involved in this sort of intrusive activity. The demonic entities must be released appropriately and the fragment sent to the Light. If the practitioner is still living, a remote releasement of the attached dark entities is completed and the fragment is sent back to the person.

                  When the conflict resolution is complete, the fragment is invited back into the present moment. It is welcomed into the body wherever it belongs, sometimes into the empty hole inside, often into the heart. The client will report a feeling of warmth, peace, and a pleasant new sense of wholeness.

The term holistic stems from the word wholeness, meaning completeness, totality of body, mind and spirit. Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in the native healing traditions. It may prove to be an important contribution to the concept of holistic healing.

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