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06 Oct 2016 - 06 Oct 2025

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Prashant Guruji, No.351, Near Pavithra Paradise, Basaveshwar Nagar, , Bengaluru
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           Gatha Janma Rahasya (Kannada :  " ಗತ ಜನ್ಮ ರಹಸ್ಯ",  "Past Life Secret") is kannada reality television series based on the technique of past life regression. The JANATHA TV (formerly MyDreams Metro Channel) show is hosted by Anchor Prashant Hareesh, while the past life regression sessions are conducted by Bangalore-based spiritual healer Prashant Guruji. The first season started on January 16, 2015, was planned for a 20-episode run on Every Friday, 8.30 pm, by Janath Tv (formerly MyDreams Metro Channel)  , got an extension of  episodes, and  Second season will start by January , 2016.

(1st season episodes can also be viewed on YouTube by the link )

             Participants are selected through a phone-in process. The show opens with the guest explaining a particular problems to Aishwary Prashant ( Wife of Prashant Guruji ), which they are  facing and wishes to find a solution or insight into. Thereafter they are taken through an extended past life regression session by Guruji, edited for television.

             The procedure as explained by show's therapist, Prashant Guruji, the patient are first taken into in a state of deep hypnotic trance and then supposedly 'taken back' into the past to know the reason for things that trouble them in this birth. Some of the events are dramatized as the participant narrates certain incidents, and in the end talks about the experience.

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